Have you morning erection or normal erection with masturbation?

Signs of male impotence (decreased sexual ability and energy) usually come with age. Not every man can get the same erection at 60 years, which he can get at 20 or 25.

Many signs of male impotence mean the complete end of sexual life. Normal erection happens rarely and it’s too soft to infiltrate or erection completely disappears.

This can become one of the most humiliating experiences that put on for their lives. Men did not imagine is it possible to do and whom to contact for help, though often shame prevents them from doing so.

All the more regrettable, that now there is a tremendous progress in the treatment of sexual problems, and modern medicine can help almost anyone.

Wake Up With A Normal Erection

If you note a sufficiently regular night or morning erection, it is a reliable sign of keeping your erectile function normal. If you very rarely note it on wake up or if it is very soft, this does not prove that erection mechanism is damaged. It is possible that you just don’t wake up in a rapid phase of sleep, but you should pay attention to sexual health.

Normal Erection Occurs With Masturbation

If male impotence happens in the process of intercourse, and even the existence of stimulation does not fix the situation, but you have a normal erection with masturbation, there are two reasons for this.

The first reason is anxiety about sexual abilities, as well as anger or resentment could block the normal flow of your erection.

The second reason may be ignorance of your partner about which sexual stimulation you need. Maybe you never told her what you like and what you need, or you did not show how it can be done.

The Disease Impact On Male Potency

If you have ED problems (Erection Dysfunction), pay special attention to the blood pressure, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hormonal problems, chronic hepatic insufficiency and renal failure.

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