How food affects your sex life?

5 Substances in food for healthy libido and potency

Modern science has retained the idea of balancing the organism and the environment, the idea of a balance of substances in food and in the body, but it also has identified many dozens of different substances — participants of this balance. Sex and food are important components of our life. The most important of food products in terms of libido and potency are as follows:

  • Protein foods including so-called irreplaceable (essential) amino acids, that an organism cannot synthesize from other substances are important for healthy libido;
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids in many products of plant origin, marine fish and seafood are important for potency;
  • Vitamins – a group of the substances of different chemical nature which the organism must get from food. Some vitamins are very prevalent in a variety of foods, others are only in certain product groups are important for healthy sex life;
  • Mineral substances, among which we call iron and trace elements found in food in very small quantities, but important for potency (zinc, arsenic, etc.);
  • Exciting food. Taste aromatic substances, hormones, hormone analogues, substances that affect formation or secretion of hormones, caffeine, etc.

Sexual Health And Erection

So how does intake of the above-mentioned and other substances affects sexual behavior, accompanying passions, sexual health and erection? Firstly, these substances are being used in the formation, enrichment and protection of anatomical structures from the adverse impacts. It is necessary for sexual activity. It is not only on the genitals, but also the nervous system, blood vessels, the cells — the whole body . Secondly, hormones and other chemical compounds that pass through the blood and nervous system signals necessary for the manifestation of sexual activity are formed from these substances or with their participation in the body. Thus, food has a significant effect on erections and sexual health .

If a substance in food is lacking, there is disorder in the work of the systems of an organism. Cholesterol appears in blood vessels and they are poorly performing their functions without a required amount of substances transmitting signals for arousal, or whether these signals are not implemented because of failure in work of perceiving their bodies.

For sexual activity and normal erection man need a variety of products delivering the best ratios of all necessary substances.

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