Sex after sixty as in young years

Sex after 60 years occurs less often. But according to experts, in sexual relations the age has the secondary importance. Elderly people can enjoy sex in the same way as in young years. Moreover, sexual experience may become even more bright than in youth.

Popular myths about sex after 60:

  • Treatment of impotence in old age (after 60) for most men doesn’t make sense.This statement is not true.
    Recent medical research shows the following results:
    only one of the four men after 60 years has serious sexual problems with (get and keep or maintaining an erection);
    this happens with only one of two men at the age of 80
  • Elderly people are poor lovers.
    This statement is not true.
    In life everything is different. The older man, the longer it can inhibit ejaculation. This increases the duration of sexual intercourse and enables women to feel more satisfied.

Man sexual problems treatment

Approximately 2/3 of sexual problems associated with impotence can be treated with medicines. There are also some new drugs for injection and implants that can help in the remaining cases. However, only 5 per cent from 10 per cent of men seek help.
Men with age need more sexual stimulation. Also some physicians agree that most important organ for sex is the brain. Relaxation helps erection. Why men who suffer from lack of erection, you just need to calm down and try to get pleasure from sex without bias and preposterous comparison.
Sex is a lot more than infiltration and orgasm. Affectionate, gentle physical contact plays an important role in sexual life at any age. People will never be too old for sex.

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