7 Ways to get longer erection:

Premature ejaculation does not give satisfaction for men. It is possible to get stronger & longer erection in different ways. Below are the most common methods:

A Deeper Breathe

. Premature ejaculation is often associated with stress or depression. During sex (as in a difficult emotional situation) helps deep sigh. Train! You need specific skills to get longer erection.

Pinch Your Penis

. You need to slightly stretch the penis at the right time. Pinch it until the feeling of impending orgasm. This method helps prolong an erection and the feeling of an orgasm occurs multiple times.

Pull Your Balls

. Your balls rise up before ejaculation. You can pull up balls and get longer erection. At the last moment you can prolong intercourse.

Change The Position

. Pull the penis, make sure that you feel comfortably and then continue sex. The time that you spend on change position helps you to prolong erection.

Feel The Pain

. Sting helps you forget about sex shortly, it distracts you. In this way pay can help to prolong pleasure. Bite badly, but carefully, don’t nip off!

Special exercises

. Train your muscles in the lower part of the pelvis. You can suspend the ejaculation by using these muscles. Tense and relax these muscles and you get longer and harder erections.

Put on a condom

. To prolong the sex you can put on the condom.

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