Many men realize that they should be exercising to prevent the muscles from becoming soft at an older age. However, most men accept their erections will inevitably soften as they get older or as they turn to drugs such as Levitra or Viagra for compensation. There isn’t any need of using these drugs. Just as the exercises harden the body muscles, so do they harden the erections.

Although many factors could affect the hardness associated with your erection, the strength that the PC (Pubococcygeus muscle) possesses stands out to be the most important. A strong PC results in a hard penis and a penis at its hardest state will as well be the biggest in size.

If you don’t know about the PC muscle, urination followed by a stoppage of the urine flow would be the best possible way of locating it. You will find the PC muscle when you stop the flow. Flex the PC muscles few times after finding it. Like other muscles, the PC atrophies in the absence of regular exercises. Here are some exercises of getting the PC muscle back into shape.

  • Quick squeeze: Squeeze the PC tightly and hold it for 2 seconds followed by a complete relaxation of the muscle. That will be a single repetition. Rest for 1 second between the reps.
  • Slow squeeze: Tightly squeeze the PC muscle and hold for 15 seconds followed by a slow release while relaxing the muscle completely. That will be a single repetition. Rest for 5 seconds between the reps.
  • Long squeeze: Tightly squeeze the PC muscle and hold for not less than 60 seconds followed by a release. That will be a single repetition. Rest for 60 seconds between the reps.

Daily Workout Regimen of the PC

  • Do a single set of every exercise
  • Quick Squeeze: 20 to 100 repetitions
  • Slow Squeeze: 10 to 25 repetitions
  • Long Squeeze: 2 to 10 repetitions

As it is with exercise programs, you must start out at a slower pace then build up with time. Begin with fewer repetitions and then increase the total number of reps on a weekly basis. It is not a must that one should perform a whole workout in a single session. It is beneficial doing every exercise in a different session. To progress, it will be important to have a single exercise done daily.

After you perform these harder erection exercises for 4 to 8 weeks, you should have a harder erection alongside the PC muscle becoming super strong. Upon attaining the maximum number of the reps for every exercise, you can perform a single exercise per day as you rotate. Having a Quick Squeeze on the first day followed by a Slow Squeeze on the second day and then Long Squeeze on the third day is an example of such pattern.

Orgasms that are more intense, ejaculations which are more powerful plus the possibility of multiple orgasms are part of added benefits associated with PC muscle harder erection exercises. The exercises also promote good prostate health. All you have to do is perform these exercises daily to regain your lost sex life.

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