The coconut is valuable for male sexual health. If you’re looking for a means for the treatment of sexual problems or want to enhance erections, try to use coconut in your foods. This nuts are great aphrodisiacs

Coconut And Sexual Health

Coconut increases the number of sperm and empties the bladder. Coconut contains a lot of oil which is used instead of meat in tropics. Medics recommend this nut as a valuable food for treatment of erection problems and high fatigue. Coconut milk with honey quenches the thirst, improves the digestion, helps to get strong erections and sexual desire.

The Coconut Trees

It is believed that the birthplace of coconut trees is the New Guinea or Malaysia, but exactly that nobody knows. It is unknown where and when these tropical trees have appeared for the first time.
Its name coconut got when the Portuguese sailors first saw these nuts. Men were surprised that they were “hairy” and they named this nut “Coco”-“Monkey”.

In many countries, coconut is referred to as the tree of life, and used in a variety of purposes for sexual health. Yes, coconuts are used not only in cooking but also in medicine. In particular, the coconut used to treat impotence.

Benefits Of Coconut. Coconut Juice

Immature coconut (which no more than 5 months) contains juice – coconut water. This clear liquid has cool and sour-sweet taste, it is rich in nutrients and satisfies thirst . When the fruit ripens, fat appears in juice, and gradually it is turning into a coconut milk – sweet smelling white emulsion, which then becomes even thicker and it turns into the flesh.

The coconut juice and milk are considered as normal drink on the Islands and ocean shores. People prepare their foods with fresh coconuts, they also get oil from nuts. Coconut oil was in use for cooking a few decades ago, but then the soy replaced it. Coconut oil is also very popular today in cosmetology.

There Are A Lot Of Useful Substances In Coconuts:

  • vitamins a, c and b;
  • minerals – calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron;
  • natural sugars, proteins, carbohydrates, fatty oils, organic acids.

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